Good reasons why you should join.

1. Receive a monthly newsletter (The African Telatelist) containing an article of interest, general news, club competitions and a postal auction. 

2. Receive news about all the latest smartcards issued in Southern Africa. (Includes but not limited to – South African: Hotel Door key Cards, Gift Cards, SIM Cards, Bank Cards, Recharge vouchers, Transport cards etc) 

3.  Have the opportunity to participate in monthly auctions. 

4. Have the opportunity to meet and correspond with other collectors. 

5. Have the opportunity to purchase ATA related stock phonecards. 

6. Have the opportunity to swap/purchase/sell phonecards and have

free professional advice on swaps/purchases and sales. 

7. Have access to ATA’s library material. 

8. Qualify for subsidy when attending certain ATA conferences/fairs. 

9. Able to provide information to ATA for Publication (Subject to Excom approval) 

10. Free attendance for member & partner to ATA annual end year function.

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